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Summer Champs:
The National Summer Championships are now only 2 weeks away – to be held at Arena UK on the 7th and 8th August 2010. We’re still taking entries for all classes – see entry form for closing dates. For those who haven’t yet qualified we have open classes on the Saturday morning where 1st – 6th will qualify for the rest of the show. Open classes are open to members and non-members.
Special Offer on Entry Fees:
If you are a member prior to 5th August and you qualify on the 7th August during the open classes, then on the day entry fees will be held at the reduced rate of £10 per class. If membership is obtained on the day then this discount will not apply. ALL entries on the day must be paid by cash only – no cheques will be accepted due to the number of bounced cheques.

Class Act will again for 2010 be offering a discounted price for Amateur Showing Society hoodies embroided with your names – see the Amateur Showing Society Facebook page for more details. 

Return of numbers for Summer Champs:
Competitor numbers will only be returned if a SAE was enclosed with entries, and if correct entry fee and first aid payment was received. Any numbers which have not been returned to competitors can be collected from the secretary on arrival at the show. If you are concerned that your numbers have not been returned to you, or you require your number before the show, then please send us an email with your query. 

Catalogues of entries will be available from the show secretary. 

2011 Qualifying Cards:
All classes from 12pm on 7th August are qualifiers for the 2011 Summer Championships. 1st – 3rd will qualify in each class (excluding evening performance). 2011 qualifier cards have been issued with competitor numbers, please make sure you have them ready for the judge to sign. Members not attending the 2010 Summer Championships can send a SAE into the office requesting a 2011 qualifier card (quoting membership numbers). If you lose your card, replacements can be issued at £1 per card.

New Rule:
The rule book has now been updated – new rule no.27 will be in place as of 7th August. Please familiarise yourself with these updates. 

Requests for classes and venues:
In planning for 2011, please send in any requests for new classes that you would like included in the 2011 schedules. Also any suggestions for new venues for the Winter and Summer Championships that you would like considered. Please email us at thejays@freebie.net 

Contacting Us:
Please remember that the office is only open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. Phone call enquiries between these hours only please. If you require out of hours assistance, please send us an email. 

Membership Renewals:
Discounted membership available if renewed more than 14 days before current membership expires. If your membership has already expired, please only use the renewal form if you can quote your membership numbers – if membership numbers have been lost then please send a new membership request. 

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